2020 season starts

We are still planning on starting the season  Wednesday June 3rd. 

see June 3rd Sheet for the 2020 Team Assignments.


To reduce having a long line form at the cash register for paying green fees. Payments will be possible at two locations:

For those only needing to pay for green fees and can do so with CASH, Shelley will be taking CASH payments outside near the West Entrance.

Please only pay at the counter if  you need to use a gift/credit card or you will be purchasing beverages...

Robbinhurst is encouraging us to pay CASH outside to help facilitate in keeping us all safe with distancing.


Andrew will try to accommodate those that have concerns with riding two in a cart.  You may play your match other than Wednesday when more carts are available for single riding. 

 If you you choose to play other than Wednesday....then I  ask that you follow these steps:

1) Contact your opponents and if they agree to play at a different time....then contact the course for a tee time.  

2)  Text me/voice mail (219-771-4733)  who will not be playing on Wednesday night , you MUST  provide One Name and Team Number  from Each  Team...so we know who's card will be missing.

3)  Keep in mind  I still need time to get the scores updated....please play your match sometime during the current week...but, I need the score card no later than Sunday evening

4)  Have one person from the group take a picture of the score card and text it to me. 

5) In all fairness to the remainder of the league, everyone competing for game winnings need to play under the same course conditions...therefore; your scores will NOT be eligible for the games. 

These guidelines have not changed:

1)  League Dues and Game Money will be collected toward the end of 

     the season (to be determined).

2)  Regarding the Schedule:

      There will be NO Position Rounds this season.

      The Outing is Saturday Aug. 29th.

3)  The Games will work as follows: 

      a) I will use last year's game sheet regarding who is in the games and                  what  games you are in. (if anyone wants to change their choices, you              need to  notify me in the first few weeks of league play).

      b) Rather than payout in cash each week, I will maintain a listing of what 

           winnings everyone has each week (available at the scores table).

      c) Toward the end of the season (like maybe the outing) , those who have

           winnings will receive a lump sum.  

      d) Your Games Fee will be reduced accordingly per your winnings                       amount.

  • ​If a team knowingly will not be able to play.  Please make an attempt to notify your opponents before play on Wednesday. If contact can not be made, then call the course Robbinhurst Golf Club (762-9711) and ask them to post a note stating Team # xx will not be playing.


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